Why choose stagliata?

A challenge for a business owner in the pizza market is to have a constant product. How many times have we heard the phrase: “Did the pizza chef change”
Stagliata is the answer to this problem, preserving the image of the pizza chef since the dough,doesn’t lose the spectacularity of the drafting, of the seasoning and of the cooking.
Another strong point of stagliata is the practicality of management. Indeed, you only need to arrange the dough balls in pizza cassette for 15-20 hours at room temperature and they will be ready for drafting.

Original recipe

Starting from the real Neapolitan pizza we can make your customised dough

Constant product

Make recognisable and maintain the quality of your dough even when changing personnel

Reduce personnel costs

Dedicate the working hours of staff, even non-experts, to the care of the raw material

Training and assistance

We guarantee initial training and ongoing service support


We put nature first. Create your own pizza bases by reducing plastic and cardboard packaging


No more waste of flour and unexpected events in making the dough